We Pioneered:

1972 – Gold coin sales to clients before bullion sales were again legalized
1980 – Full array of semi-numismatic gold & silver coins
1986 – Precious metals IRAs
1992 – Perspective Triangle to plan balanced, risk-averse client portfolios
1992 – DOW/Gold ratio to optimize metals vs. securities within portfolio
1992 – Gold/silver ratio trading to maximize ounces owned
1997 – European fractional gold coins to offer lower entry price points
2008 – Precious metals’ reduction strategies, as the bull market wanes

About Us:

When Don & Molly McAlvany founded International Collectors Associates (ICA) in 1972 they recognized the key role that physical precious metals would play in their own and their clients’ investment portfolios. At the time, it was forbidden to market bullion gold and silver. Collector coins and religious artifacts were permitted, however. So Don & Molly designed and introduced a range of gold coins with Biblical themes in order to meet the needs of their clients. Today it is even more imperative that the cornerstone of your investment portfolio, including your IRA, be anchored in physical precious metals. Unlike most investments, gold and silver are not simply a “paper promise” to pay back funds at some later date. Gold is the only true money. Its value cannot be undermined by politicians or the whims of central bankers who print money at will, making their currencies worth less each year. Unlike paper money, gold holds its value. Read More…

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