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The Confidence Game

If you are looking at the big picture, something significant changed in the month of April. It’s a part of history already, but people won’t see its significance for probably another six, twelve, eighteen months. The event was that the Chinese began offering something new on the Shanghai gold exchange...

Gold Awakens from a Three Year Coma

About this week's show: -Have gold mining shares signaled a bottom? -The last two paper manipulations have failed to slow gold’s rise -Negative rates for all: The next Central Bank weapon Click Here to listen to the complete Weekly Commentary

Ian McAvity: The Death of the Petrodollar

About this week's  show: -The Trump phenomenon: Main street’s anger with the establishment -We’ve now completed a topping in the stock market -Gold is currently bottoming, a prelude to a major rise -FREE Report from Ian McAvity - Deliberations on World Markets   About the guest: Ian McAvity, involved in the world of finance for more than...

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