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Choosing A Precious Metals AdvisorIn an unregulated industry, there are things you need to look for, learn more.
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Precious metals have stood the test of time as the most stable currency on earth, learn more.

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Retirement IRA:
Will your portfolio survive a major market crash or recession?

Make sure the money you’ve worked hard to earn will be around when you need it.

How Do You Choose A
Precious Metals Advisor?

You’ve made the wise decision to protect your investment portfolio by investing in gold, silver or another precious metal. So who do you trust with your trades?

Peace of Mind:
Investing in Precious Metals

Increasing political unrest and economic instability throughout the world will emphasize a greater need for financial security.

Precious metals provide a truly safe harbor for your investments and should be a major part of every investor’s portfolio.

Investing in Precious Metals 101
Secure your financial future with gold and silver

The Beginner’s Guide to Gold
Learn how to ensure your financial future

When it comes to building a strong investment portfolio, you’ve never followed the crowd. You already know following the masses is a shortcut to disaster, and ‘mainstream wisdom’ is anything but wise.

My father, Don McAlvany, started McAlvany ICA in 1972, and for over 45 years, we’ve been helping our clients prepare and protect their families for uncertain times.

David McAlvany,
2nd generation CEO, McAlvany ICA

How Do You Buy Gold Or Silver
With McAlvany ICA?


Schedule your free portfolio review


Receive a customized investment proposal


Buy gold or silver for your portfolio


Add free ounces through proven strategies

How Many Ounces Do You Need To Retire?

“If you don’t own gold, you know
neither history nor economics.”

– Ray Dalio –
American investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist

The McAlvany Keys to Investing

Safeguard your wealth and secure your financial future with this McAlvany action plan!

With nearly half a century in the precious metals business, we’ve learned what it takes to prepare and protect families for uncertain times. Our  “Investor’s Manifesto” shares our guiding principles for successfully navigating different markets and seasons while protecting your wealth.

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No “limited edition” or “rarity” hype. We only sell proven coins.

About McAlvany ICA

At International Collector’s Associates, we understand that when it comes to growing profits and safeguarding your wealth, the journey is just as important as the destination. Your worldview must be the guiding force in setting your ultimate goals and determining your strategy for achieving them. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone… Read More >


McAlvany ICA is a Multi-Generational Family Business

“Our clients did not suffer the shocks of the recent stock market and real estate market meltdowns, when so many Americans lost 40% to 60% of their investments and retirement funds.”

– Don and David McAlvany –
America’s Foremost Precious Metals Advisors since 1972

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No two portfolios are exactly alike. Your family and goals present a unique set of parameters. Let us advise you on the best diversification strategy for securing your family’s financial future. We’d love to help!

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