French Election Will Have A Big Impact On The Euro | Golden Rule Radio #16

The Globalist Agenda is threatened by the upcoming French election if Marine Le Pen were to win against Emmanuel Macron. Gold & Silver returned to support levels of 1265 with Platinum & [...]

Vive la France, Vive la Euro, Vive la Draghi Debt Nannie

About this week's show: -MOAMT: “Mother of All Market Tops” is crystallizing -Dow breaks 21000 as pre-crash P/E ratios quietly mock late lemmings -Government [...]

Inflation Outlook Shifts As Rate Hike Odds Drop? | Golden Rule Radio #15

Why did the Fed Rate Hike Odds drop suddenly this last week downgrading chances to only one more rate hike in 2017 instead of the previously assumed 3? Inflationary concerns shift this week as [...]

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