Gold & Silver Market Update – Will Fed Raise To End Year? | Golden Rule Radio

Gold & silver market update (late 2018), as the year readies to come to a close how will the precious metals markets settle before 2019? Will Powell raise interest rates next week at the FOMC [...]

Has The Well Run Dry? EU Turns Off QE Tap… | Weekly Commentary

Did the 2.95 Trillion in stimulus solve Europe’s core problems? Yield Curve Inversion – This happened before the last 3 recessions S&P 500 50 day moving average now below 200 day moving [...]

Gold & Silver 2018 | DOW Falls | Trade War Fears | Golden Rule Radio

As trade war fears rise the equities market continue their fall even after the trading break during this week. We’ll cover the upward movement of gold, as well as looking at the price [...]

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