Gold At 10 Month High – Silver, Platinum, Palladium Update | Golden Rule Radio

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR OUR KANSAS CONFERENCE This week we cover the price movements of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, the US Dollar Index, the DOW and more on Golden Rule Radio. Gold hit [...]

National Debt 22 Times Higher Than When Reagan Took Office | McAlvany Weekly Commentary

Retail Sales Plummet Most In 9 Year, Officials Claim “There Must Be A Glitch In The Numbers” China Offers Credit To All: $685 BLN In One Month “You Will Make Mistakes… If You Survive Learn From Them”

Hyperinflation, Socialism, & Gold… | Golden Rule Radio

This week we look at the consequences of Hyperinflation within Venezueala, alongside the risks of growing global & domestic debt. How does gold perform in a crisis and why is 2019 such an [...]

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