Silver Breakout Impacts Ratio Opportunities In Metals Markets | Golden Rule Radio

Both silver and gold have seen a strong week as silver now sits above $16.20 and gold rests at $1440.00. Learn how the price movements of the white metals have impacted ratio opportunities for [...]

Chinese Government Buys 10.3 Tons Of Gold In Addition To The 74 Tons This Year | McAlvany Weekly Commentary

Uncertainty Banished!? Central Bankers are the high priests of continual growth Central Banks now buying everything – crowding out those who need income No war, no crises, yet $2 trillion [...]

Gold & Silver Price Update | Golden Rule Radio

Gold & Silver 2019 Price update as we look at the price movements of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium over the last week. We will also review the price movements of the US Dollar Index, [...]

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