Gold & Silver Manipulation Explained – FED Treasury Buying Again…

Gold & silver manipulation explained, the FED are buying treasurys again and a lot of them but they don’t want to call it QE… 0:43 FED Treasury Buying 4:12 Market Manipulations [...]

FED’s Powell Announces Additional $60 Billion Per Month Of “NOT QE” | McAlvany Weekly Commentary

Only 4% of CEO’s see economy improving over next 6 months FED still providing up to $75 billion in overnight loans GE freezes pensions for 20,000 employees    

Is Gold Preparing For A Correction? Silver Price Detaches | Golden Rule Radio

Is gold entering a D wave correction before it begins its next rise? The FED are restarting the printing presses and expanding the balance sheet ‘soon’ in response to funding issues. [...]

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