Gold & Silver Prices Surge Up As Gold Exceeds All Time Highs | Golden Rule Radio

Gold passes the all time highs setting a new record at $1980 as silver rose above $25 as precious metals news reaches the mainstream. Where are the metals heading from here and what will the [...]

Gold Hits All Time High and the Price Doesn’t Matter | McAlvany Commentary

Compounding silver ounces from 125 to 9500 ounces – Click Here to download the free report Invest with the next generation in mind Heart breaker, price maker, inventory taker, is the Fed’s [...]

Gold Near All Time Highs – Metals at key point | Golden Rule Radio

Gold near all time highs. The metals now sit at a very key point. We look at the price movements of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, the US Dollar index, and equities sector. Thanks for [...]