Australian Sovereigns

Listen to Drew Crowell’s interview below (click the play button):


Every once in a while we come across something unusual in the world of coins. Very recently, our coin buyer was able to assemble a most unusual set of Australian Sovereigns. I encourage you to take a look at the enclosed descriptive flyer. Each of the five special Sovereigns have a significant history and have been carefully chosen for this set.


Briefly, the set incudes the most desirable King Edward Sovereign (1902-P), the rarest and most desirable Veiled Head Victoria Sovereign (1899-P), and the second most sought after Jubilee Head Victoria Sovereign (1893-S). The set not only contains each of the three Victoria varieties, but it also contains at least one Sovereign from each of the three Australian mints.


In addition, we have heavily discounted the coins from their catalog prices. Since half the sets have already been purchased, you probably don’t want to wait too long to make a decision. I believe this set will prove to be a wonderful addition to our Legacy Collection of coins.

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