Gold Support Levels As Silver Doesn’t Follow | Golden Rule Radio

Gold this last week came into the support levels that we have been talking about on Golden Rule Radio for the last few months. Silver however did not follow suit. We will review the price [...]

The Titanic & Now Wall Street – No Need For Lifeboats, It’ll Never Sink | McAlvany Weekly Commentary

Rising Stock Prices On Falling Volume – Don’t Be Deceived The Greatest Shift In 25 Years – A Floating Yuan? Trapped! The Fed Finds 3% Interest Rates The Limit Without A Crash  

Platinum & Palladium Ratio – Gold & Silver Market Update – Golden Rule Radio

This week: we look at the Platinum to Palladium ratio and discuss its key movements. We’ll review the price of gold in 2019 as well as the price of the DOW & US Dollar Index. Thank you [...]