Market Tremors Today Point To Epic Market Volatility Ahead | Weekly Commentary

John Hussman – “Market could decline as much as 64%” Druckenmiller – “Next 5 years will be very different now that money is no longer free” Doug Noland – “Market contagion is [...]

DOW Disaster Week – Stocks Struggle After Big Drops & Tech Sector Woes | Golden Rule Radio

A disaster of a week for the DOW & Nasdaq as the year sees the biggest losses since February. Tech stock woes impact the Nasdaq hard as data breeches from the tech giants Google & [...]

Jim Deeds: “Prepare For The Highly Leveraged Chain Reaction” | Weekly Commentary

China buys oil from Russia & Iran in “Golden Yuan” Thanks for the loan: U.S. borrows $8,172 per working person to pay for “recovery” Asia devouring up the gold the west is willing to sell