The scarce $20 US Gold Coins, minted from 1849 to 1933 have long been a favorite recommendation for our selective clients, who place a high priority on privacy, protection and potential profits

The BEST VALUE in the entire gold market today, the Pre-1933 U.S. $20 St. Gaudens and Liberty Double Eagles

The key to positioning yourself for higher profits is to locate and purchase them at low premium levels.


All coins carry a premium (value over gold), including modern and common coins like the American Eagle or Canadian Maple Leaf.


However, the century-old mint state (MS) $20 St. Gaudens and Double Eagles presently carry close to the lowest premiums since the beginning of the gold bull market in 2001, now less than half their 25 year average.

The St. Gauden and Liberty Double Eagle coins are near their

lowest premiums in over 15 years


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