Why Cut Rates If The Economy Is Supposedly Doing “So Well”? | Golden Rule Radio

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Why are we looking at an interest rate cut as the DOW is sitting at all time highs in the longest bull market in history? Is the rate cut purely politically motivated? The US Dollar index remains in a rising channel, nowhere near the all time highs, again begging the question as to why a rate cut is on the table? The pound is now almost 1:1 with the US Dollar… possibly there is international pricing pressure for competitive purposes? We look back at the last week of gold price movements along side silver price movements in 2019. We’ll review the gold to silver ratio and platinum to palladium ratio movements. Boris Johnson is now the British Prime Minister implying a hard Brexit later this year… Finally a deal has been met on the federal budget ensuring no shutdown but raising spending levels by $320 billion above the limits previously set. Thanks for listening if you enjoy be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly precious metals price updates and geopolitical commentary.


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