Invest in Gold Coins

The fundamentals for gold have never been stronger. Global demand for gold exceeds supply by over 1,000 tons per year. Central banks have made up the shortfall- and have helped suppress the price of gold- by selling or loaning thousands of tons of their gold reserves.

Once the price takes off, panic buying could easily set in. If you are not in position before the price explosion starts, your opportunity for profits will be substantially reduced.

To safeguard your financial portfolio, we recommend that you place up to 1/3 of your investments in precious metals. The best way to own gold is in the form of privately held gold coins. However, a shortage of gold coins is already developing. U.S. $20 double eagles are in very short supply. Sophisticated investors are quietly acquiring millions of dollars worth of non-reportable gold coins. When the crowd comes rushing in, supplies of these coins will evaporate and prices will skyrocket as they did in 1979-80.

The past few years have not been kind to investors in the traditional markets. Investors and saver have lost over $8 trillion in market declines. Increasing unrest and instability throughout the world will lead to a greater need for financial security.
Will we see the kind of double-digit inflation that has plagued the U.S. in the past? Never forget the power of the Federal Reserves printing press. Due to the Fed’s recent record expansion of the U.S. monetary supply, it is likely that the U.S. dollar will continue to weaken.
A spastic economy, with elements of both inflation and deflation, will make more traditional investment strategies obsolete. Gold coins should be a major part of every investor’s portfolio over the next turbulent years.

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