The anti-establishment fight intensifies!  British Prime Minister Theresa May calls for a mid-term election, set to shake up parliament and help push through Brexit in a way that most benefits the British people.  Marine La Pen, the long-shot “France First” Presidential candidate might just win, potentially setting the stage for a French exit of the EU as well.  Is the European Union doomed?  On the heels of the Trump election here in the United States, other nations are saying, “Enough Is Enough” to the globalist agenda.


While President Trump continues the fight for “America First,” we encourage all people to not grow complacent, as these victories are the beginning of the battle between the individual and the globalist establishment.  In the US, the “old guard” in both parties is hard-pressed to give any ground.  The US Stock Market climbs into irrational and overpriced levels by any metric while the Federal Reserve has again put off interest rate rises, favoring further use of inflation to prop up the US Economy.


With great uncertainty as to the political future of Europe and The US, massive changes are underway.  Gold, silver and other real, tangible assets provide the ONLY means of stability during political and economic change.  Call one of our experienced advisors today at (800)525-9556 to discuss how these changes can affect your portfolio, and how to add gold and silver to your personal portfolio and retirement account.


Each week we discuss gold and other precious metals, and the news that moves these markets.    Here we help our clients not just own gold, but build dynamic portfolios as we examine both the short and long term trends in the metals and the opportunities that arise in them as the political and economic prospects change.


What is concerning to me, is that the markets are remaining priced for perfection.  Certainties and best case scenarios, they don’t exist!  When something is irrational, as I think the stock market is today, it can stay irrational, and will stay irrational for a while.  I think rationality, just like the law of gravity, can be denied for a time, and then… and then… and then… That’s what we’re talking about.”

         David McAlvany

Join us this week as we discuss North Korea, Syria and the potential shift in the European political landscape, and the real threat these pose to the US markets, already at a tipping point.  

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