The Four Best Reasons To Buy Silver

U.S. Silver Dollars are the ideal way to position yourself in the silver market today. This popular silver coin is in short supply and gives you a profit double play: value in its scarcity and value in its bullion content. What’s more, you get the added benefits of investing in non-dealer reportable semi-numismatic coins.

1. Double Play on the Bullion Content and Scarcity

U.S. silver dollars are semi-numismatic coins – that means that they are very limited in supply! Investors stand to benefit in two ways: their value will increase as the price of silver rises. More importantly, as a semi-numismatic coin, their value is determined by the U.S. coin market. Since 1960, their value has appreciated over 1400%.

2. High Liquidity

Thousands of United States coin dealers offer investors the advantage of a very liquid market. Estimates of the size of the global collector base for uncirculated U.S. silver dollars number in the millions – larger than any other tangible/collector asset.

3. Greater Privacy

The government views U.S. silver dollars as “collectibles” – which is very good news for privacy-minded investors. Because these coins are not dealer reportable, they offer the investor far greater privacy. Of paramount importance, because these coins are collectible, they are more likely to remain legally tradable in the event of another 1933-type gold/silver confiscation.

4. Potential Price Performance

Take a hard look at the market indicators. Available supplies of silver have been steadily shrinking over the last decade as primary silver mines close due to depressed prices. Demand has surged, as low prices make silver increasingly more attractive to manufacturers and investors. Now factor in the buying potential of wealthy investors diversifying into silver such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, and the upside possibilities are staggering!

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