Why Invest in Silver Bullion Now

Like select other precious metals investments, silver is still in the early stages of a new bull market, and investors who take a position now, stand to profit substantially in the months to come.  What’s more, there are valuable advantages to silver investment that make it an attractive sector to add to your investment mix.

Silver bullion investment can be a smart and profitable strategy for investors who are interested in a low entry point, significant profit potential investment that also offers an element of security during times of economic and political uncertainty.  In other words, now.

Silver has historically been one of the most affordable precious metals, allowing investors to make silver an integral part of their investment strategy, without committing enormous portions of their portfolio to its investment. What’s more, the silver market conveniently offers investors a variety of products. Although there are several categories of silver bullion to choose from, we recommend you consider these popularly traded silver coins and bars.


Different Forms of Silver Bullion


  • 1 Oz. American Silver Eagles

Silver Eagles are dated from their early inception in 1986 through currently minted 2000. They are minted at West Point, New York and are .999 fine silver.


Silver Eagles normally sell for modest premiums above their melt value. However in late 1999, early 2000, the coins were hyped as “collectibles” and “the last silver dollars of the 20th century” which is true. Many of these coins were even painted red, white and blue to justify prices as high as $39.95 ea. The promotions were and have been successful, consequently causing the premiums on Silver Eagles to climb above their normal level of premium. Although the Silver Eagles are a popular “bullion” coin, experience tells us that the current high premiums on such coins will not last forever. When the promotion is over…it’s over and the premiums will collapse back to normal levels.


  •  90% Junk Silver

To add a dimension of “preparedness” to your portfolio, many investors make “junk” bags of silver a part of their strategy. The idea is that in times of extreme economic calamity, small circulated silver coins can be used for barter and trade in survival type scenarios.

Traded in bags of $1,000 face value and containing approximately 720 ounces of silver, the 90% bags currently represent the least expensive method for purchasing silver per ounce. The bags consist of U.S. dimes, quarters, and half dollars minted prior to 1965. Circulated 90% bags are highly liquid, instantly recognizable and offer a convenient, small barter type coin.


  • 1 Oz. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

Silver Maple Leaf coins, sold in a 1 oz. size, are made of fine 99.99% pure silver. The Silver Maple is one of the most widely traded silver bullion coins in the market today. If you are considering purchasing a bullion coin minted currently by a government, this would be an excellent choice.


  • Silver Bars

Although the popularity of silver bars has fallen considerably and wholesale markets consider them to be unfavorable, there continues to be those that ask about silver bars. Johnson-Matthey and Engelhard are two of the world\’s largest precious metals firms with operations around the world. When considering silver bars, investors should ask for either of these two hallmarks.


  • Silver Bullion Rounds

Silver bullion rounds are a popular way to invest in silver bullion because one-ounce silver rounds offer the better of two worlds. Silver rounds are .999 fine silver, making them a pure silver investment. And, being one ounce, silver rounds could easily be used as money in a worst-case scenario.


  • Engelhard One-Ounce Silver Rounds

By far, the preferred one-ounce silver rounds are the Engelhard Silver Prospectors. Because Engelhard has not made Silver Prospectors since 1988, they are available only when they show up in the secondary market.


  • Other Popular One-Ounce Silver Rounds

Wall Street Mint and Sunshine Minting produce popular one-ounce silver rounds. The WSM silver rounds are designed after the classic Buffalo/Indian Head nickel. The Sunshine Minting silver rounds depict an eagle flying through the sun and are called Silver Eagles. Sunshine Silver Eagles are not to be confused with American Silver Eagles, which are legal tender $1 silver coins minted by the U.S. Mint.


  • Generic Silver Rounds

Included in the category of generic silver rounds are all the silver rounds produced over the last thirty years by firms that are no longer in business. Also included are one-ounce silver rounds marketed by small firms that are still in business but are not well known.


Generic silver rounds usually do not display the manufacturing mint’s hallmark or name, and they come in a myriad of designs. Sometimes generic rounds are loose in a bag, like pre-1965 U.S. 90% silver coins. Sometimes generic silver rounds are packaged in tubes.


Generic silver rounds sell at smaller markups than Engelhard Silver Prospectors or Wall Street Mint and Sunshine Minting silver rounds.


Contact one of the experts at ICA to discuss how you can make silver an integral part of your profit-building portfolio, while utilizing its unique characteristics to build security into the foundation of your portfolio.

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