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 Why Silver Will Soar

  • Massive twin-deficits: The US trade and budget deficits are expected to explode over the next 10 years. (THIS MEANS MORE INFLATION TO COME)
  • “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke will continue an “inflate or die” Fed policy; QE3 and beyond are almost a certainty.
  • Electronics and industrial use: soaring demand (especially in Asia) for cell phones, computers, plasma TVs, etc.
  • As the global bull market persists, countries such as India, China, and others are increasing their purchases of silver.

Many investment experts believe that adding silver to your portfolio can improve its performance. That’s because the forces that determine silver’s price usually differ from, and in many cases counter, the forces that determine the price of many financial assets. Investment advisors often suggest that this relationship may help to reduce portfolio volatility.  Silver is an easy, convenient, and affordable way to add to your portfolio.  

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