We offer investors important options when it comes to our precious metals storage programs. Our clients can store their metals in either Switzerland or Canada – or both, if they like. Please read about these options below.


It’s becoming increasingly obvious to investors worldwide that most traditional investments are not as safe or reliable as they once were. If that wasn’t enough, the U.S. dollar is suffering the predictable consequences of the rapid expansion of our money supply. Both economics and history teach us that the dollar’s value must decrease while the prices of goods and services must increase. The only thing we can be sure of from the greatest expansion of the money supply in U.S. history is the greatest subsequent inflation rate in U.S. history. Not surprisingly, gold continues to rise against the dollar as investors recognize the seriousness of the current situation.


With economically uninformed officials in place, the government will likely make a number of economic mistakes – mistakes that will cost us dearly. We expect higher taxes on payrolls, income, capital gains, property, and inheritances. We expect restrictions on currency exchange. We also expect restrictions on the amount of money people can move in and out of the country. In other words, we expect a further loss of our personal and economic freedoms. So what should we do?


One of the most practical decisions an investor can make is to safeguard some assets by moving them out of the country. To many, this may seem like an overwhelming or daunting task, but the process of moving assets outside the U.S. is now quite simple using ICA’s extensively proven programs.

We can no longer afford to ignore the very real threats to our liberties here in the U.S. As the consequences of the moral and economic decline in America are felt, the U.S. Government will move to protect itself at the expense of its citizens.


ICA offers the most unique international precious metals storage in the country. We spent two years developing a flexible, multi-country storage program with our friends at DDSC.

DDSC has extensive storage facilities in three countries. They are located in Wilmington, Delaware; Zurich, Switzerland, and Toronto, Canada. Through our exclusive arrangement with DDSC, our investors can choose to have their precious metals stored in any of their facilities – or all three if they prefer.

Simply by filling out a short storage agreement, an account can be opened with DDSC – a US based corporation. The individual assets of each investor are actually stored in the country (or countries) of their choice. With just a phone call and a signature, the metals can be moved from one facility to another. Each facility offers it’s own advantages and flexibility to investors.




ICA’s Swiss Storage Programs are turn-key and one of a kind. Given current global economic uncertainty, ICA wanted to give its investors two options for safely buying and storing precious metals in Switzerland. Our clients therefore have the option of buying and storing gold bullion and European semi-numismatic coins in Switzerland, 1) through a US-based company (DDSC), or 2) through a Swiss-based company that further offers the ability to buy and store all four of the major precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium).


We’ve done all the work for you. You simply need to decide whether or not you want your assets stored safely out of the country.


(See option A below).

ICA has an exclusive relationship with one of the oldest and largest precious metals depositories in the U.S. Because of its international storage facilities, this company is able to offer our investors a unique storage account. By simply purchasing gold from ICA, the Delaware Depository Service Corporation (DDSC) allows our clients to store their purchases in Switzerland. Amazingly, the gold is purchased from and accounted for by a U.S. firm, but physically shipped to and stored in Switzerland.


(See option B below).

The other option is to buy and store all of the major precious metals in Switzerland through a Swiss-based company. Global Gold is an independent Swiss Company. Unlike the U.S.-based option, your precious metals storage agreement is solely Swiss-based. The idea behind owning precious metals through a Swiss-based company is the ability to have ultimate security while safeguarding your assets from economic and financial uncertainty in the U.S. Switzerland is a country with a legacy of monetary and financial stability. Switzerland has developed a culture given to precision and risk management, a perfect culture for the diversification of global wealth and security. Call 1-800-525-9556 to request your complimentary brochure on Swiss Storage.


Reasons to Store Precious Metals in Switzerland
* U.S. restrictions on, or even possible confiscation of, gold and other tangible assets.
* Restrictions on funds coming into and going out of the U.S. (currency exchange controls, wire limitations, etc.).
* Heavier and more oppressive taxation in the U.S
* America’s trending toward even more socialist government and society.
* Restrictions on international travel (Homeland Security, passports, threat of terrorism, TSA, etc.).
* Greater limitations and restrictions on the use of your U.S. property.





* American Eagle 1-oz coins
* Canadian Maple Leaf 1-oz coins
* S.A. Krugerrand 1-oz coins
* Gold Austrian Philharmonic 1-oz coins
* Gold bullion 1-oz bars
* Gold bullion 10-oz bars
* Gold bullion 1-kg bars
*Silver Products – Call ICA at 1-800-525-9556 for more information.


* British Sovereign
* Swiss 20 Franc
* Dutch 10 Guilder
* French 20 Franc




* 100g bar
* 250g bar
* 500g bar
* 1000g bar (1kg)
* S.A. Krugerrand, 1-oz coins
* Australian Kangaroos 1-oz coins
* Austrian Philharmonic, 1-oz coins
* Canadian Maple Leaf, 1-oz coins
* American Eagle, 1-oz coins


* 1,000g bar (1kg)
* 5,000g bar (5kg)
* Austrian Philharmonic, 1-oz
* Canadian Maple Leaf, 1-oz
* American Eagle, 1-oz
* Armenien Noah’s Ark, 1-oz


* 100g bar
* 1000g bar (1kg)


* 100g bar
* 1000g bar (1kg)



We have finalized Toronto storage arrangements using the Bank of Nova Scotia as the sub-custodian.




* American Eagle 1-oz coins
* Canadian Maple Leaf 1-oz coins
* S. African Krugerrand, 1-oz coins
* Austrian Philharmonic 1-oz coins
* Bullion Bar, 1-oz
* Bullion Bar, 10-oz
* Bullion Bar, 1-kg


* American Eagle 1-oz coins
* Canadian Maple Leaf 1-oz coins
* Austrian Philharmonic 1-oz coins
* Silver 90% coinage * (pre-1965 US currency)
*Full bags only
* Bullion Bar, 10-oz
* Bullion Bar, 100-oz
* Bullion Bar, 1,000-oz

If you want to place sealed tubes of pre-1933 dated European coins in international storage, we can do that for you.


* American Eagle 1-oz coins
* Canadian Maple Leaf 1-oz coins
* Bullion 1-oz bars
* Bullion 10-oz bars


Most precious metals investors have at some time wrestled with the idea of international diversification, but usually give up because of one of these objections:
* It is too complicated to even consider
* I’m not a big enough investor to diversify internationally
* It sounds much too expensive
* It would be too difficult to get to my precious metals
* I haven’t a place to store it safely outside the U.S.
* I don’t want to fill out endless forms and documents


However, there is something very satisfying knowing that you have several secure “nest eggs” in place in case of a crisis. No one buys fire insurance for their home hoping they will someday need it. Nor do we hope that you will ever need this “financial insurance.” However, it is reassuring to know that with either a phone call or the stroke of the pen:

* The metals can be moved and consolidated in one location
* The metals can delivered to you
* The metals can be liquidated and the proceeds sent to you


International storage offers security, liquidity, and diversification – not to mention significant profit potential. To get started, or to simply ask questions, call McAlvany’s ICA today at: 1-800-525-9556.

We will respect your time and privacy.

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