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When it comes to growing profits and safeguarding your wealth, we at International Collector’s Associates understand the journey is just as important as the destination. Your worldview must be the guiding force in setting your ultimate goals and determining your strategy for achieving them. Whether it’s gold and silver investment or other investment types, the good news is you don’t have to go it alone.


To build a strong financial base and position yourself for maximum profits, it’s imperative you partner with a trusted expert and advisor who not only enjoys a documented track record of success, but more importantly, understands your goals and shares your worldview.


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  • Can Too Much of a Bad Thing Ever Be a Good Thing?

    This month we welcomed the return to the Weekly Commentary of a guest with whom we do not always agree, but from whom we always learn much. Richard Duncan speaks clearly and insightfully on matters of great import. He agrees with us that our current economic system of “creditism,” as he calls it, has been an ill-advised departure from capitalism. ...

  • Industrialists and Indians: How Past Western Policies have Given Rise to the Terrorist Threat

    Our guest this week is Richard Maybury, editor since 1991 of The Early Warning Report and author of the award-winning Uncle Eric series of books on economics, finance, governance, politics, and history. Often called “The 2,500 Year-old Man” because of his extensive reading and application of history, his insights, as you’ll see from this interview, are invaluable – and as pertinent as today’s news....

  • The Confidence Game

    If you are looking at the big picture, something significant changed in the month of April. It’s a part of history already, but people won’t see its significance for probably another six, twelve, eighteen months. The event was that the Chinese began offering something new on the Shanghai gold exchange on April 19th. In contrast to the New York and London exchanges, which settle contracts primarily in paper money, the Shanghai exchange now offers yuan-denominated gold contracts that settle only in physical kilo bars. ...

  • A Conversation with a Polymath

    In America, we think of economics as dry and academic. It’s just mathematical models and a reduction to dollars and cents. But in fact it involves love and hate, gift and sacrifice, slavery. It’s the poetry of mythology....

  • Exchange Rates: Archimedes’ Lever?

    Archimedes told us that with a long enough lever, he could move the world. This month Dr. Frieden tells us how governments move, if not the world at least world markets, with currencies and exchange rates....

  • Part 2) Doug Noland – The Consequences of Massive Credit

    About this week's show: -What is a credit bubble? -How misallocation of capital distorts market pricing -What you can do about it...

  • Part 1) Doug Noland – The Consequences of Massive Debt

    -An open hand: Your business & assets as your ministry/legacy -Upside-down world: stocks now for income and bonds now for capital appreciation?!!! -Upside-down world: Krugman calls for MORE spending and debt to solve debt problem?!!!...

  • Bond Kings Gross & Gundlach Strongly Suggest Gold

    About this week's show: -An open hand: Your business & assets as your ministry/legacy -Upside-down world: stocks now for income and bonds now for capital appreciation?!!! -Upside-down world: Krugman calls for MORE spending and debt to solve debt problem?!!!...

  • Storehouse Creativity vs. Fearful Hoarding

    About this week's show: -Biblical Joseph is a model of stored assets DEPLOYED WELL -Embracing cyclical up’s & downs vs. debt driven crash avoidance -Gold is now bringing in a brand new type of investor...

  • Richard Duncan: Creditism Has Replaced Capitalism

    About this week's show: - China’s hard landing is now happening - 0% rates: debt can’t get much cheaper - High asset prices are floating on a sea of fiat money...

  • Just Look at Who’s Shorting Gold, Now Do the Opposite

    About this week's show: -To be bearish on gold is to be bullish on central banks -Can Yellen really raise rates during a recession? -China markets fear a “return to the fundamentals.”...

  • Fake Coup in Turkey: Visions of Renewed Caliphate?

    About this week's show: -Bernanke to Japan “Try Perpetual Debt” -Credit Suisse warns that stocks are too high -Nobel Prize winner Obama leaves 20 trillion debt legacy...

  • Japanese Money Fleeing to Gold, the “Unprintable Currency”

    About this week's show: -Interest rates reach 5,000 year lows -Post Brexit: Is Italy now the deciding blow for EU Project? -Liquidity Watch: A 6 lane highway IN could turn into a goat trail OUT...

  • Gold/Silver Ratio is Screaming “There’s a New Wave of Buyers!”

    About this week's show: -Central Bankers fantasy façade is failing -Negative rate paying bonds top 11.7 trillion dollars this week -A lot of money is going into govvies and gold: What’s up?...

  • Brexit = The People vs. the Elite Establishment

    About this week’s show: -EU worried that Britain is just the “first pickle out of the jar” -Political propaganda pressure? S&P and Fitch downgrade Britain’s safety rating -Putin’s new Facebook Friends: China, Turkey, Israel & Saudi Arabia Click Here to listen to the complete Weekly Commentary

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A Bull and Bear Talk Investment Markets

– David McAlvany on Fox Business

Pitted against a fellow commentator who advises “mainstream investors” to buy stocks on the way down, David, on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto, advises that we’re likely to see a recession over the next few years, and that the signs have been obvious for many months.


See the fireworks and make your choice: Catch a falling knife, or ‘watch for falling stocks.’