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When it comes to growing profits and safeguarding your wealth, we at International Collector’s Associates understand the journey is just as important as the destination. Your worldview must be the guiding force in setting your ultimate goals and determining your strategy for achieving them. Whether it’s gold and silver investment or other investment types, the good news is you don’t have to go it alone.


To build a strong financial base and position yourself for maximum profits, it’s imperative you partner with a trusted expert and advisor who not only enjoys a documented track record of success, but more importantly, understands your goals and shares your worldview.


McAlvany Weekly Commentary

  • Trump Trumps Obama’s “Global Apology Tour”

    About this week’s show: -Trump is NOT Regan…will fearful Globalists retaliate? -Globalist Fed and Trump: Tug of War or uneasy cooperation? -The Intentional Legacy: David McAlvany’s new book Click Here to listen to the complete Weekly Commentary:

  • Bill King: “Trump is a Common Sense Revolution & China, Japan and the Fed is in BIG TROUBLE”

    About this week's show: -Trump is a major provocation to the global system, uncertainty prevails -The markets are smelling inflation in here and the Fed is way behind the curve -“I really like gold in here”…the rest of the world does too...

  • Russell Napier: Gold WILL Rise WITH the Dollar

    About this week's show: -Financial Repression will increase, just ask Carmen Reinhart -Euro & Yen will devalue as Dollar and Gold will rise -Societies that feel a threat to their private property buy gold...

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