What does the “America First” policy really mean for Americans?  We are seeing a breakdown in our modern, establishment-driven world pushing for globalization.  The US markets have stalled despite new highs, watching and waiting as Washington and Wall Street have given up the White House to Main Street.  Will the Federal Reserve play ball with our newly sworn-in President?  How will the markets respond to changes in interest rate policy, taxes, regulations and trade?


For the first time in a long time, Wall Street and the White House are no longer in league together.  How will the stock market fare as Trump fights to put American business needs ahead of Wall Street?  Call one of our experienced advisors today at (800) 525-9556 to discuss how these changes can affect your portfolio, and how to add gold and silver to your personal portfolio and retirement account. FREE GOLD INVESTOR KIT below.



Gold, silver and other precious metals continue their climb in 2017.  Listen to this week’s edition of Golden Rule Radio, a weekly podcast dedicated to the precious metals markets and the news that moves them.  This week we discuss potential correction levels in the metals prices, the waning strength of the US equities markets, and the recent drop in the value of the US Dollar.



“The Analysts had believed that if Trump were elected, we would start a trade war.  What Trump believes is that we’re ALREADY in a trade war.  And it’s hard to argue with that.”  Bill King, Jan 25th 2017

This week on The McAlvany Weekly Commentary we speak with Bill King of The King Report.  Bill gives us his insights on the benefits of owning gold during this dramatic regime change, the effects of Trump’s proposed international trade plans, the Fed’s plan for interest rate hikes, and the possibility of the decline in the US Stock Market.

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