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Retirement is a greatly anticipated, yet highly vulnerable phase of life.  With careful planning now, you can look forward to years of carefree enjoyment of all the things you have worked to build your entire life: family, friends, and a comfortable living.  What’s more, careful savings and retirement planning offers you the extra advantage of a safety net throughout life in the event of economic uncertainty of any kind.


To build a profitable and secure IRA, McAlvany’s ICA has long recommended a three-prong strategy, with precious metals comprising a foundational one-third of your IRA account.  Precious metals offer you a historically high profit potential, and an excellent hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.  In fact, during times of financial and economic upheaval, precious metals have been an excellent store of value, as well as high profit-yielding investing for the long haul.  Making precious metals 1/3 of your portfolio is a strategic balance to higher risk investments, as well as a long term profit play with historically sold returns in any market.


Have You Properly Invested in Precious Metals for Your Retirement?  The mechanics of retirement have changed over the past few years because of greater longevity, greater demands on wealth, and unprecedented market risk. Most financial planners have assumed a continual growth environment of 8.5% yearly returns from stocks each year when planning for your retirement needs. This assumption has been damaged by the “lost decade” (2000-2010) on Wall Street.


Perhaps the question should be asked: Will my retirement assets be there when I need them? While the typical stock and bond portfolio has yielded zero to negative returns over the last decade, investors seeking to safeguard their retirement lifestyle have seen significant gains in their precious metals retirement portfolios. The uncertainty of the next five to eight years could potentially be devastating if you don’t take action now.


Investing in Gold and Silver Provides Insurance and Peace of Mind As unrest and insecurity grow throughout the world, there is an ever greater need for financial security. With growing instability in the U.S. and world economies, with elements of both inflation and deflation, investing in precious metals should always be a major part of every portfolio.


The Effects of Inflation on Investments – Due to the Federal Reserve’s continuous expansion of the US dollar supply and the increasing debt that burdens our nation, the dollar will continue to weaken and traditional markets will continue to be a minefield to investors and savers. Our unstable economy, with elements of both inflation and deflation, will make more traditional investment strategies obsolete. Therefore, precious metals should always be a major part of every portfolio.


What Type of Precious Metals Can You Own in Your IRA? The Internal Revenue Service allows different type of precious metals to be held in an IRA. The following coins and bullion products are on the U.S. government-approved list for IRA investment:


GOLD American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian and Austrian gold coins, COMEX/NYMEX approved bars and rounds.


GOLD PROOFS American Eagle Gold Proof Coins, made to the exacting standards for which the United States Mint is world-renowned, represent the crowning achievement of coin making. The precise engraving and the frosted images that appear to float above the mirror-like background enhance the intrinsic beauty of these classic designs. The cameo effect on these coins is made possible only with specifically-treated, hand-polished dies, and by striking the blanks multiple times to ensure the highest relief possible. We often recommend Proofs as a way to hold a collectible type of coin in an IRA. Over the past 25 years, our clients who have held Proof gold coins in their IRAs have seen significantly better performance than those with bullion coins. They have enjoyed the advantage of owning a collectible coin, the only type of collectible allowed to be held in an IRA.


SILVER American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Mexican Libertads, COMEX approved bars and rounds.


PLATINUM American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Isle of Man Noble coins, NYMEX approved bars and rounds.


PALLADIUM Bars and rounds.

McAlvany’s ICA has helped hundreds of clients build highly profitable and safe IRAs for their future.  Precious metals are an important part of every smart IRA strategy.  Call and discuss your IRA with one of our highly experienced staff members, and let them help you build your profitable and safe nest egg today.


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